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Wall Design Consultation, Design Process, & Installation

Do you feel inspired and reminded of the things you love when you enter your home or office?  Or have you often felt bored or anxious not having the style you love on display?  Maybe you're a new home owner and are overwhelmed with the blank space and boxes!  Gallery Gal can help.

Lacy will take pictures and measurements of the wall/space you'd like decorated, while taking notes on your style, ideas, budget and inspiration.  Photos/Art of your own will be considered and used as desired.  Ideas and design plans will be drawn and shared.  Then, we will schedule the installation of your custom gallery wall!


Framing and Art Curating offered in addition as needed to create a wall you love.  Gallery Gal can choose matting, framing, order prints, curate art or decor that work well with your budget and style.  Gallery Gal visits dozens of shops for local art and decor.  15% of any purchased Art and Decor presented will be invoiced for curating (hourly rate not applied)  Additional custom framing, repair or building may be offered to complete the gallery!

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